The Psychic Coffee shop with guest Allen Reed & Tahnee Woolf


American Allen David Reed and Australian Tahnee Woolf have spent years in deep study and research to develop this incredibly accurate model of spiritual evolution. Reed is a polymath who has been a Silicon Valley pioneer in virtual reality, architect, builder, urban planner and environmental designer. Woolf is a master of human dynamics, who speaks multiple languages and has worked as a lawyer, screenwriter, Feldenkrais practitioner, speaker, and radio show host. Together, they have given humanity its guidebook and roadmap-a surprisingly optimistic vision of where we are heading.

Reading the book Introducing The Ten Terrains of Consciousness is a great way for people to begin their exploration of the Ten Terrains Model. The authors offer a fascinating conversation about each of the 10 Terrains and also discuss:
• How you can use the knowledge of your Terrain to improve your relationships, your health, your wealth, your mental outlook, and more;
• How the Ten Terrains influences political, legal, and social systems;
• Which great leaders in history were operating at which Terrain (such as Abraham Lincoln-Square, Charles Darwin-Diamond, and Buddha-Infinity!);
• Famous movies and books that are good examples of each Terrain; and
• How each of the 10 icons visually represents the characteristics of that Terrain.
Additional books, tools, and courses are available or coming on the Ten Terrains website, including a community designed to connect people with others from their own Terrain. For more information, go to

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